Spring 2020: Reading Capital vol. 1

Capital Reading Group is back! Join Variations for a year-long reading group on Marx’s magnum opus!

Spring 2020
F 2-4PM, Williams Hall 440

This reading group is open to everyone. Questions? Feel free to write to us at variationswgroup@gmail.com, unite to our mailing list, or simply attend one of our sessions!

Main text:

Marx, Karl. Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, Volume I. 1976. Introduced by Ernest Mandel, translated by Ben Fowkes, Penguin Classics, 1990.

***We strongly suggest buying a copy of the Penguin edition in order to have the most thoughtful experience and to be able to move back and forth collectively at all times.***

Reading calendar (Spring 2020):

  • January 17: “Preface to the First Edition,” p. 89-93; “Preface to the French Edition,” p. 104; “Chapter 1: The Commodity,” p. 125-177
  • January 31: Chapters 2 & 3, p. 178-244
  • February 14: Chapters 4-6, p. 247-280
  • February 28: Chapters 7-9, p. 283-339
  • March 20: CANCELED
  • April 3: CANCELED
  • April 24: CANCELED

To access, please contact variationswgroup@gmail.com

Other available resources:

David Harvey’s lectures on reading Capital: https://www.youtube.com/user/readingcapital also available at: http://davidharvey.org/

Mandel, Ernest. An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory. Resistance Books, 2002.

Heinrich Michael. An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital. Translated by Alexander Locascio, Monthly Review Press, 2004.

Shapiro, Stephen. How to Read Marx’s Capital. Pluto Press, 2008.

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